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Do It Yourself

For those of you who are mechanically inclined, have a truck and trailer, and want to save a little money by maintaining your racecar yourself.  You Got this!  Formula Mazda is the perfect vehicle for you.  The 'spec' characteristic of this class requires the engines to be sealed.  That means there is little to no maintenance on the engine.  The Mazda 13B rotary engine can run very competitively for 3 or more years without a rebuild.  There are also other limitations, due to the 'spec' nature of the class, that keep cost and maintenance to a minimum:

Regular maintenance that you should expect.

  • GEARBOX - The transmission will need to be inspected periodically and gears change in accordance to the track you will be running.  Gear ratios are limited in the Formula Mazda, thus you will not need to carry very many spare gears.  Gear changes can be tricky at first, but once learned, are fairly simple.  Alignments and Race Preps can be easily learned as well.  Texas Autosports has training available for these tasks at our normal shop rate.  Please check out the Formula Mazda Menu for all services we provide.
  • Brake pads, fluids, and tires, need to be changed on a regular basis.
  • Rod ends need to be replaced annually.
Texas Autosports is at the track to supply parts and technical support.  The great thing about the Formula Mazda family is that we great support from the manufacturer and the official dealers across the country.  Formula Mazda dealers including Texas Autosports are extremely dedicated and have a passion for the Formula Mazda experience.

Approximately half of the Southwest Formula Mazda Series drivers "self-support".  Many of these drivers are often found helping their fellow drivers with suggestions and set up advice. The camaraderie is the best part of Formula Mazda Racing.  If you are looking for a friendly group of racers and mechanics and fiercely competitive racing this is your place.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can do some of the maintenance yourself and have Texas Autosports maintain periodically.

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